Service as usual or total panic? #facebookdown

As an online entrepreneur, were you flipping out during the international #Facebookdown blackout? Did you get nervous when Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram ALL went down like they never existed? And did it get better during the rest of the downtime?

If the discomfort and stress were real, my best guess is that it’s because you still don’t have your own site and subscriber list up and running yet … Let me guess, you’re running your business with just a Facebook page and Instagram account, am I right? “It’s soo expensive to have my own store and I can create and maintain it myself”. Right?

If your business was stopped, because of the unexpected collapse of a single social media business, you can see for yourself that you’re depending way too much on a platform you have absolutely no control over. I think you can agree with me that your business shouldn’t be built on a foundation like that!

Can you guess who didn’t have any stress during this major downtime of the social media sites?

All the business owners who built their business from a solid foundation on a platform they own and manage themselves. Think about their own websites, web stores, and email lists. For them, it doesn’t matter if Facebook or any other social media website is going down for a long time.

  • Their websites can still be discovered by the online search engines
  • They are still able to send an email to their clients or subscribers
  • They are still able to sell their products or services online.

An event like this social media downtime shows that you need to have your own systems in place and use social media to boost your business and sales, instead of depending on it.

Are you already convinced that your business needs to have an online system with components that you own and control?

Contact us as soon as possible to help us create “your own” online business imperium!

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